An Open Letter From Idaho On The Second Amendment

The right of the people to defend themselves, up to and including the use of deadly force, is a natural right, granted us by God Himself, and it cannot be removed.

Idaho Legislative Watch 2021-02-08

Three bills we believe should be opposed, including one that advances the tenth plank of the Communist Manifesto!

COVID-19 Death Statistics (In 20 Minutes)

How has COVID-19 actually affected the elderly? What about children? What has its effect been on overall deaths in the United States?

Why Do Scientists Keep Ignoring Science?

Why do scientists (and others) keep ignoring science?

Coronavirus, Eugenics, Surveillance, and Propaganda

Governments knew there would be lots of adverse reactions to the Coronavirus vaccine. So, why are they still pushing it on people? Why are they working with a CIA-funded tech company to perform contact tracing? What does any of this have to do with you?

Why Does The IMF Want Your Search History?

What could the International Monetary Fund possibly want with your search, browser, and purchase history?

The Coronavirus Shell Game

Are COVID-19 Case Numbers and Death Rates Being Artificially Inflated? If so, why?

Fact-Checking The Fact Checkers

No arms, no mask, no service! Carefully implementing the biometric control grid! And fact-checking the fact checkers on PCR tests!

2020-12-21 Vaccination, Obfuscation, and Manipulation

Do-It-Yourself COVID tests! Pretend vaccination on live TV! Facebook pretends to run VPN in order to steal your data! Zoom works with Communist China to censor live chats! The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same!

Doctors From Around The World Speak Out Against The COVID-19 Vaccine!

Health issues, safety issues, lack of a pandemic… find out what concerns these medical doctors from Germany to Spain!

COVID-19 And The Transhumanist Agenda

The COVID/HIV connection! The COVID/Transhumanism connection! Social engineering! And more!

In Vaccines We Trust?

Can we trust our leaders during this time of "emergency?" What's really killing everyone? Is Bill Gates already using biometrics to track the immunization status of millions? Was a vaccine propaganda conference held right before Event 201?

We're All Going To Die Sooner Or Later

"The unique safety problem of coronavirus vaccines… means vaccinated people may still develop the disease, get sicker and die"! YOU have the right to decide what goes into your body! There's another coronavirus now! The UK and Mexican governments would never mandate vaccines… until they do!

Coronavirus Comics and Conspiracies

Kids get "Marvel"ous new coronavirus propaganda! REAL scientists say don't get the vaccine! Cancer already has existing cures (but they're illegal)! Pose a threat to Big Pharma and end up in the looney bin (or jail)! PLUS, what this pandemic has REALLY been about!

Face Diapers, Butt Diapers, and Mandates, Oh My!

Rationing healthcare to "flatten the curve!" Idaho business shoots itself in the foot! The CDC and FDA say the COVID-19 vaccine might make you die! And, Chinese flight attendants must now wear diapers. Welcome to bizarroland 2020!

Masks, Vaccines, and COVID-19

Biden gonna force you to mask up! French doctor tells it like it is! Scientists prove PCR tests are useless!

Coronavirus Vaccine Update

More Vaccine ID nonsense. More stuff they forgot to think about beforehand. More tyranny because NOTHING CAN STOP THE CORONAVIRUS AND WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

Which Social Media Platform Can We Trust?

Everyone is looking for a new social media home, but who can you trust with your data? And why should you care?


Almost no flu deaths this year! More info about the mRNA vaccine. PLUS, a look into military connections to tracking COVID vaccine recipients!


What do you mean you're concerned about rushing through a vaccine that will change your body on a genetic level?

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