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Let everyone know that you respect the right of Idahoans to take responsibility for their own health, and the right of those who suffer in silence to do so without being harassed!

Did You Know? Masks Are OPTIONAL!

And, it's true for several different reasons.


Doctors and government officials want to take away your right to choose when it comes to a coronavirus vaccine, or at least make your life difficult if you opt out

Video Update 2020-12-03 JUST TRUST YOUR LOCAL LEADERS!

"Just trust us!" What's wrong with that?


Did you know Idaho has been fast-tracked to be one of the first states to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Must be serious, right? Mmm, maybe not.

Trusting the Experts

We live in a culture that is constantly told that they should just trust the "experts," but there is a lot of reason to be skeptical, if not at least very cautious.

Metrics and COVID

As has been demonstrated here, there are currently no metrics concerning COVID-19 that can possibly be relied on to support the current response, up to and including what amounts to house arrest, and intrusion into the simplest actions of people's daily lives. Not deaths, and certainly not "cases."

Masks: The Science Is NOT Settled

"The universal use of unscientific face coverings is closer to medieval superstition than it is to science."

COVID and the Constitution

By now you've undoubtedly heard people on one side of the mask issue claim that mandates are unconstitutional, and the other side say that it is constitutional. What is the truth?

What's Wrong With Hate Crime Laws?

Those concepts are absurd, of course. Nobody would ever introduce a “greed crime” law because the idea of criminalising feelings is nonsensical, even when they are negative feelings. So why are we trying to do it with hate?

You Can Flatten The Curve!

It's a little thing our forefathers once called self-reliance.

Toward Zero Deaths!

"Toward Zero Deaths" is a principle that should be seriously questioned.

Idaho Student-Parent Mask Opt Out Now Available!

"The power to require or regulate a person’s choice in the mode of securing health care services… is therefore a power reserved to the people…"

Lies, Big Lies, and COVID-19

We hope that the following will help you understand why so many people are a) refusing to wear a mask, and b) concerned about where this is all leading!

Is This A Pandemic?

PANDEM'IC, adjective [Gr. all, and people.] Incident to a whole people; epidemic; as a pandemic disease.


We used to be a country that believed in the foundational principle of presumptive innocence… Without the presumption of innocence, our life, liberty, and property can be taken from us for any reason.

How To Incite A Race Riot

Every Communist takeover has risen on the heels of discontent, by convincing a group that they have been oppressed… and that violence is the solution.

The State ALWAYS Wants Your Children!

Why do tyrannical states always go after the children?

Big Tech Memory-Holing Private Data!

Present circumstance have only emboldened these criminals, and it is only a matter of time before they put all of these pieces together…

A "Data-Driven Approach"… But Who's Driving The Data?

Since it is obvious that the "pandemic" is false… why keep up false pretenses?

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