The New "Normal"

Rod Klingler Rod Klingler

The astute have long been warning that we are heading into a future marred by a "social credit" system. The details are unknown to most Americans, but they are there, nonetheless, and the COVID "pandemic" has intentionally thrust us headlong into this system. How, you ask? Read on.

In his August 2021 article, entitled "American Federation of Teachers Sells Out to Rockefellers, Trilateralists, and Big Tech," investigative journalist John Klyczek lays out in great detail how the government-run public education system works hand-in-hand with Big Tech, psychologists, and corporations, to manipulate, track, and data-mine American children. He asks,

Why would the American Federation of Teachers go against “following the science” by lobbying the CDC to backpedal its relaxation of school health and safety protocols? Why would the AFT defy CDC experts by opposing school re-openings in favor of extending COVID restrictions that prop open the floodgates for the ed-tech industry to advance its privatization of public education through “remote” e-learning contracts? Why do this when mainstream medical journals, such as the Lancet, have published data which finds that “[c]hildren and young people remain at low risk of COVID-19 mortality”? What is the point when there is mounting evidence that in-person schoolhouse learning does not result in rising community transmission rates of COVID-19? [1]

From the outside, these questions are puzzling. Shouldn't one of the nation's largest teacher's unions be advocating for a return to schools? As is often the case, those positioning themselves as "advocates" are… not. Klyzcek continues:

To be sure, the AFT states that health and safety priorities are their motivating factors for doubling down on COVID mitigation policies, which effectively necessitate remote online schooling. Nevertheless, a close look at the history of the AFT reveals that it has a long track record of selling out its dues-paying teachers to the global ed-tech industrial complex by cutting side deals with Big Tech companies, such as IBM and Microsoft; corporate philanthropies, including the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; and world governance institutions, like the Trilateral Commission and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

In light of these past dealings with corporatists, globalists, and technocrats, it appears that the AFT may have ulterior motives to stall the full return to in-person learning in order to wedge schools into contracting with the union’s ed-tech cronies, such as IBM and Microsoft, which are driving “Reimagine Education” campaigns along with UNESCO to spur the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” for the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” By pressing the CDC to drag out COVID constraints that relegate education systems to “distance” and “hybrid,” or “blended,” combinations of virtual-online instruction, the AFT has essentially been lobbying to hitch schools to multinational ed-tech cartels which aim to data-mine students’ psychometrics for workforce “competence” in the global “Social Credit” economy of the “surveillance capitalist” Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In other words, this large and powerful organization – in concert with the other major teacher's union, the National Education Association (NEA) [2] – has for decades been setting the stage for globalists to control education through technological means, with the actual end-goal being a sort of "social credit" system.

With 2020 behind us, and the fake coronavirus pandemic, we have already seen the power of social manipulation. The forthcoming "vaccine passports" are, in fact, the emerging head of this "social credit" system, a means to control the actions of mankind by mandating compliance – or be removed from society. No vax, no job! [3] No vax, no movies! [4] No vax, no food! [5] No government benefits without the vax! [6] Be a good citizen! [7] Follow your leaders! [8] Follow your rock stars! [9] Follow your movie stars! [10] We'll give you extra privileges! [11]

If you don't, we'll make life hard [12], take away your freedoms [13], limit your internet access [14], and/or incarcerate you [15].

This is what a "social credit" system looks like.

If you want to do anything, you'd better get in compliance!

But is this really a "social credit" system"?  They're not keeping score, like the Chinese, right? Let's take a look.

At the 2019 Brazilian Symposium of Games, professors Livia Topper Press and Alessandro Vieira Dos Reis presented "Sesame Credit and the Social Compliance Gamification in China," in which they state the following:

Sesame Credit is the most important gamified Chinese social credit model. It aims at monitoring and regulating the behavior of more than a billion citizens… Basing itself on the distribution of rewards and punishments to individuals, upon scoring based on the compliance of the aforementioned citizens towards laws and government interests. [20]

Drew Donnelly, PhD, had the following to say in his own article on Sesame Credit:

The consequences of a poor social credit score could be serious. It may affect travel prospects, employment, access to finance, and the ability to enter into contracts. On the other hand, a positive credit score could make a range of business transactions for individuals and corporations much easier. [21]

Dr. Donnelly also points out that there is also an "implementation of the system for corporations, known as the ‘corporate social credit rating’," to make the control grid complete.

Website The Artifice, in their article, also point out that:

…Alibaba [the government-run Chinese equivalent of Amazon] used the data that they and their partners had collected in order to establish a credit score for these people and small businesses. Alibaba collected information on the spending habits of over 300 million people and over 37 million small businesses to accurately assess the credit scores that people should have.

In this vein, Sesame Credit is very similar to any other credit services around the world, however there was one major difference. Sesame Credit doesn’t only take in credit information and spending habits, but also online behavioural patterns, personal characteristics (how long they have lived in a specific residence or their mobile phone information) and their personal relationships. It monitored who small companies were associated with and who people were friends with online through places like Tencent related social websites. With this information the scores of peoples’ Sesame Credit were affected by who they chose to interact with. [22]

The first comment by a reader on that 2016 article started out by saying, "You know, in a way, this Sesame Credit scoring system reminds me of the American educational system I grew up with." And that is our point.

This has actually been going in America for many, many decades. Former educator Beverly Eakman used to speak and write about this, providing a lot of factual information to prove that it was/is happening. In July, 2008, she gave a presentation to the 9th Annual Freedom 21 Conference, in Dallas, Texas. [17] She discussed the increasing use of "psychographics" and other data-gathering employed by educational institutions, and pointed to a research paper that used "a list of liberal versus conservative books purchased through Amazon."

The question is troubling because The National Longitudinal Study from the National Center for Education Statistics, which is part of the Department of Education lasted from 1988-2000. The parental information from Amazon, matched against children’s current opinions on school surveys, can be powerful determinants of future political behavior, and technology is now to the point where I [sic] such information can follow kids from pre-school through college, on into the workplace…

She highlights how "testing" in public schools is actually psychological "profiling." But we ask again, to what end?

Today, hundreds of seemingly unrelated pieces of data that reveal political leanings and parental views are fed into a “predictive” computer algorithm… Once computerization became truly practical, marketing agencies started hiring statisticians with concurrent degrees in psychology. Marketing moguls have long known that the best predictor of what consumers might buy tomorrow was whatever they bought yesterday—your “purchase history.” In the late 1970s, political experts realized that the same could be said for what a person believes…

All this brings up covert, pre-assigned ID coding, which government agencies swear doesn’t exist. So brace yourselves; this is where it starts getting really ugly, beginning with this website: 

• STUDENT UNIQUE INDENTIFIER (NDE Uniq ID) Steps to assigning Student Unique ID’s, updated January 2, 2008 

Now, I picked a state at random, Nebraska, but it could have been just about any state—which means, this is a national initiative, with the state serving as the “fall guy.” The state education agency (that’s the state arm of the U.S. Dept. of Education) establishes the procedures and pretends to write its “own” training manuals for how to assign a unique identifying number to every student. All such “procedures” are written with a word or phrase changed here and there, or in a different order, and legislators and the press fall for it. In fact, all state procedures are virtually identical. Once the kid’s state- supplied ID number is in the bag, so to speak (in this case the Nebraska Department of Education’s “Uniqu-ID”), the state can transmit to the feds, or anywhere else, for that matter. The interesting thing about this is the Unique Student Number, assigned by the state, and the Social Security number, assigned by the feds, are going to be cross-matched—in ways that will make your jaw drop. 

She was able to access files that were later restricted, on the website she provided, and saved and printed many of them. What she discovered is that they track things like a student's religion (which is supposed to be off-limits), and that student are "micro-targeted" using different versions of assessment forms.

If you get a chance go to the Handbook of the National Center for Education Statistics at You will find proof of the predictive algorithms I discussed earlier, the formulas that will forecast your kids’ probable political behaviors based on the responses he or she provides on assessments and surveys…

It doesn’t stop there. There is an incredibly detailed level of invasiveness, all automated, or required: every aspect of a child’s teeth and dental work, pre-natal observations of the mother, such as weight gain during pregnancy, gestational age of child at birth, and birth weight. 
In other words, Ladies, while you were at the hospital in labor, your government was laboring to circumvent the privacy laws. This tells you how much that HIPAA privacy “agreement” you have to sign every time you walk into a new doctor’s office or pick up a prescription at the pharmacy is worth. Can we say zero? I also found a copyright-protected, restricted-use longitudinal data file. This was evidence of surreptitious data-gathering via an “electronic codebook,” going back to birth and pre-school. The focus was social skills, rated by psychologists using a Social Rating Scale.

A what? Yes, a "Social Rating Scale." A "social credit" system, but a secret one that has been used against us, covertly, all our lives. [16]

The marriage of computerized data-collection and educational indoctrination continues to evolve, fulfilling the objectives of early leftists like Paul Popenoe, editor of old American Eugenics Society journal—and yes, that means just what you think it means—who wrote that “the educational system should be a sieve, through which all children are passed. It is very desirable,” he said, “that no child escape inspection.”

The dots go back to education, folks. Young people have no idea how we got re-routed from the Founders’ original ideals. Most parents themselves couldn’t tell their kids how we got here—via movers and shakers like [list of names].

Hardly any school—public or private—covers these influential moguls. Yet, every one rejected traditional notions about right and wrong. Every one indicated that religious convictions are a sign of mental illness. Every one urged inspection of children and parents for signs of dogmatism, inflexibility and paranoia.

So, today we find ourselves falling into a trap of social coercion, where we must comply with ridiculous "vaccine" mandates or lose access to civilization. The fact is, however, they already knew which of us would resist because they have been tracking our beliefs, philosophies, and actions, all our lives, and storing it in the NSA's data centers, along with all of our communications. [18] It makes sense now why the US Post Office was recently deputized as watchers of our social media (publicly, at least; they've actually been monitoring us for decades). [23]

Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. In each of these cities, The Intercept has identified an AT&T facility containing networking equipment that transports large quantities of internet traffic across the United States and the world. A body of evidence – including classified NSA documents, public records, and interviews with several former AT&T employees – indicates that the buildings are central to an NSA spying initiative that has for years monitored billions of emails, phone calls, and online chats passing across U.S. territory.

Of course, that's without mentioning the roles of Google and Facebook, et al. [19]

So, welcome to the "new normal." It's been a long time coming.

UPDATE [2021-10-27]:

Once you support mandate for two doses, then you have to support for the booster, and then support 60 boosters, 199 boosters. It will be endless. And you’ll be tied into this [social] credit system you built. ~ Li-Meng Yan

Vaccine Passports Will Usher in a Social Credit System

Of course, the COVID shots and the vaccine passports also fit into the CCP agenda by making the whole world accept and adopt the CCP’s social control system. The vaccine passports are clearly designed to usher in a social credit system like they have in China. And with that, you get 24/7 digital surveillance and an unbelievable amount of control over every single person.

Read the full exposé here: Mercola: Chinese Defector Reveals COVID Origin

[UPDATE 2021-11-01]

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, when asked if New Zealand’s Covid policies will create a two-tiered society, with non-vaccinated citizens being denied rights, readily agreed with a smile and said, “that is what it is.” [24]

Both the Senate and House versions of the Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services Appropriations bill remove the prohibition on the development of a “unique patient identifier.”

The prohibition on funding for the unique patient identifier, which I [Ron Paul] sponsored, has been in place since 1998. The push to allow the government to force every American to obtain a unique patient identifier is being justified as a means to efficiently monitor Americans’ “contact and immunization” status. [25]

[UPDATE 2021-11-24]
…countries such as Israel and Austria are canceling “expired” vaccination cards and requiring citizens and visitors to receive booster shots to refresh their vaccination status so they can continue to live as part of society. [26]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has warned that the Covid restrictions being imposed worldwide are an attempt by the New World Order to destroy democracy as we know it. [27]

[UPDATE 2021-12-01]
A new Digital Drivers License is currently in the works in Utah and other states. The program lists items that can be tracked or added later, and includes vaccine records, financial reports credit scores, travel records, taxes, spending, voting, sex offeder [sic] status, dietary preferences, licenses and permits, background checks, rewards programs and social credit scoring. This is the Chinese model for totalitarianism. [28]

Melissa Ciummei, a financial investor from Northern Ireland, explained that vaccine passports, also called health passes, serve no purpose in promoting health, but are instead a tool for control. She warned that children are targeted for the purpose of indoctrination for the future. A digital ID is necessary to bring in central bank digital currency (CBDC) for totalitarian control, and vaccine passports are necessary to bring in digital ID. [29]

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