It's That Simple! The Little Book of Big Principles

A guide for voters. A guide for life!

"I Blame Society" - The Accountability Principle

Powerful groups become even more powerful by convincing people that other people are the problem.

UN Goals Unveiled: Local and Regional Governments Leading the Way to Sustainable Communities

The "social justice warriors," however, do not feel constrained. They have been taught in government indoctrination centers that the United Nations supersedes all other laws, because it is somehow a "greater good."

UN Goals Unveiled: Inclusive Cities and Communities–Leaving No One Behind

The theme of this session is reminiscent of George Bush's "No Child Left Behind,"… Yay! No one is getting left behind anymore! Now we're all equally stupid!

UN Goals Unveiled: Peaceful Societies–Recovering from Conflict and Nurturing Peace

Many countries have NOT chosen their laws or leaders, but have instead had these things forced upon them, and this includes most of the countries in the United Nations. The same ones that want to "multilaterally" approach "peacebuilding." Now do you see the problem?

UN Goals Unveiled: Climate Change–Cities and Communities in Action

"The impact of [climate change] is global in scope and unprecedented in scale and is already disrupting communities and livelihoods". Oh, the terror! Of course, since it is "global" in scale, the only solution is global governance.

UN Goals Unveiled: Building Inclusive Communities Through Education

Championing diversity also creates victims out of those in smaller groups, who clamor to government for "protection," and the government is all too happy to take away everyone's rights and freedoms in order to do so. This is at the core of the UN's "inclusive communities."

Mass Shootings Are Why PRINCIPLES Should Always Come First

As long as men are free to choose their own actions, all laws will be abused by some. But there is the simple point: we must remain free!

How The Conspiracy Works: The Letter Of The Law

Principles are what matter. Period.

Proper Government, Principle 1, An In-Depth Analysis

Truly, our country was blessed to have a restrained government in its earliest days, but we have become everything the Founding Fathers warned us not to become.

What Is The Proper Role of Government? Part 2

Do our current government officials obey these principles?

What Is The Proper Role of Government? Part 1

We live in a day when federal, state, and even local, governments interfere in nearly everything we do. It's too bad America's citizens don't understand the proper role of government.

The Prophets and the Constitution

The US Constitution designates the highest power to the smallest, most local, groups and individuals.

Christian School Raided Based on Internet Rumor Forced to Promote Gay Lifestyle

Where do we draw the line?

Harvard Professor Preaches Historical Revisionism to Idaho Politicians, No One Notices

It is time for Idaho citizens to stand up for the principles that made this country great!

The Need for Principles in Idaho Politics

Idaho has a problem. Our representatives lack principles.

The REAL Agenda Behind BYU's Honor Code Controversy

What's this really about?

What Makes A Law Immoral Or UnConstitutional?

Government is supposed to protect our life, liberty, and property, and indeed are sworn to do so. Yet, time and again, they pass legislation that does just the opposite!

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