Google Chrome's new Journeys feature helps you find that tab you just lost


Google Chrome's latest feature, Journeys… will take items in your search and browsing history and group them by subject, like travel, place names, or even topics like Covid-19… In addition, Journeys will take into account how you've interacted with specific sites to elevate some pages over others.

A few years ago, Google quietly slipped into their email terms of service the fact that they now parse your email conversations. Ostensibly, this is for "advertising purposes" and to provide "helpful" functions like easily adding things to your calendar. Now, they have announced that they will be (well, have long been) saving and parsing your search history, as well. The claim is that this will be helpful for you, but it definitely serves their government overlords' purposes as they seek to weed out the defiant and disobedient, like parents who are upset about their kids being shown porn at school, or who believe that the whole COVID narrative is fishy. You know, "terrorists."