Blockbuster Interview: Former BlackRock Fund Manager Predicts Collapse


Edward Dowd, an investment insider who was a portfolio manager for BlackRock from 2002-2012, says that the COVID-19 has been used as a cover up to hide the global debt crisis. Dowd says that the medical tyranny was designed to quell the riots and shut down travel when the masses discover that governments are bankrupt.… The implication to many was clear – that the Covid-19 vaccine is linked to the excess mortality, and months of vaccine injury reports were now spilling over to actuarial data – which is beginning to show, among other things, that younger, working-age people began dying in greater numbers as vaccine mandates hit – for a disease which primarily kills older, non-working age individuals.

Interesting suggestion from an "investment insider". While we don't feel comfortable condoning everything mentioned, there is a lot of good information to be gleaned.