Mainstream Media Scares with New HIV/ AIDS “Variant” that May be Cover for COVID Vaccine Injuries


The mainstream media’s shift in coverage away from Covid and toward a “new variant” of HIV/AIDS is raising eyebrows and critics suggest it may be used as a way to sell new mRNA “vaccines” for a new disease. The HIV/ AIDS narrative may also be being used as a a cover for illnesses and injuries caused by the vaccines themselves.

We have reported previously about how the inventor of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Dr. Mullis, strongly disliked Dr. Fauci. One reason was Fauci's abuse of PCR in the 1980's to convince people they had HIV/AIDS, just as he has abused it to find "cases" of "COVID" these past two years. If you're watching closely, you will notice that they often trot out the same people for similar jobs. They guy from the UK who predicted millions of COVID deaths? The same one who grossly over-predicted deaths from other "pandemics" that never happened over the years. Fauci is one of these reliable conspirators.