Austrian state gov’t to pay out 30 million euros to victims of COVID jab injuries, restrictions


… this fund will be used to pay for “counseling services in the event of individual damage, medical care for people with vaccination impairments, costs for the treatment of psychological problems, any necessary therapies […].” The state government also announced compensation payments specifically for children and adolescents who suffered due to the school closure: “[A]dditional expenses for homeschooling, other necessary support primarily for children and adolescents such as, for example, vouchers for tutoring, leisure activities, etc., will be funded.” Moreover, the government will refund all fines “paid due to violations of Corona restrictions” that were “subsequently repealed by the Constitutional Court.” The coalition agreement also states that the COVID injections will not be advertized anymore and that “[w]here the province of Lower Austria exercises personnel sovereignty [i.e.has authority over staff decisions”], no measures are taken that amount to a direct or indirect Corona vaccine mandate.”

My favorite part of this is that "the COVID injections will not be advertized anymore." Somebody needs to sue the Idaho government to stop pushing this now-completely-debunked nonsense. I'm still seeing ads on YouTube!