Beware the Systems of Control

Make sure you read the article about people being locked out of their thermostats. This, combined with my personal experience living in California, where they regularly shut off everyone's power COMPLETELY, in the name of not having enough electricity, even as they promote the "smart" solution of electric cars. Sounds stupid, but they know exactly what they are doing. They do it because most of YOU don't know what they're doing.

Also, if you live in Eastern Idaho, Defending Idaho is sponsoring Ben McClintock, former co-founder of Defending Utah and current president of the Tree of Liberty Society, who will be speaking on Secret Combinations and how they infiltrate at a local level! He will be speaking at the Rexburg Senior Center, on the 30th of September, from 7-9pm. The address is 40 S 2nd St W, Rexburg, ID 83440. Don't miss it!

Rod Klingler


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Thousands of Coloradans Locked Out of Their Smart Thermostats due to ‘Energy Emergency’


Colorado: Last week, Xcel Energy locked about 22,000 people out of their smart thermostats due to an “energy emergency.” Temperatures reached into the 90s in some areas of Colorado. The people who were affected had signed up for the AC Rewards program, which gives users rebates in exchange for allowing Xcel Energy to control their thermostats on the hottest days of the year to mitigate strain on the electrical grid. The thermostats were reportedly locked in at 78 or 79. This was the first time that customers were locked out of controlling their thermostats in the program’s six-year history. Critics lambasted the energy company’s ability to remotely control the thermostats and the larger implications for control.


We have warned for years that "if it can be tracked, it can be controlled." This is absolute proof of that fact, and a dire warning for you to stay off of the "smart grid"! The powers that shouldn't be are implementing a control grid based on the fake "climate crisis" for just this purpose!