One of the most divisive issues of our time has been homosexuality. We've been led to believe that homosexuals are frequently the subjects of violent attacks, based on what we were originally told was their sexual preference but we are now told is an in-born trait that cannot be changed. We've been taught that the Nazis hated and persecuted homosexuals. What is the truth?

Born That Way?

Pre-Millennials will remember that the original argument was that homosexuality was just a preference, a preferred choice of sexual behavior, but a legitimate one that should be accepted alongside all other forms of sexuality. That homosexual behavior is a choice is true, since all sexual behaviors are a choice.

What we don't choose are the attractions that we feel. For some, this is what they believe defines them as a homosexual: an attraction is felt towards people of the same sex. Attractions, it should be remembered, are merely temptations the same as any other. They do not define us, nor are we required to follow their bidding. Kleptomaniacs feel the irresistible urge to steal, druggies the urge to escape through drugs, pedophiles the urge to molest children, and serial killers the urge to kill, and yet we demand that they resist that urge. The temptation doesn't define their identity or limit their ability to choose. Problems arise only when the person becomes fixated on their temptation.

For others, homosexual behaviors are not based on a specific attraction to one gender or another, but simply a conscious choice to "try it and see if they like it." This is common among individuals, mostly teens and young adults, who seek acceptance among groups where homosexuality is prevalent, such as certain music scenes. Unfortunately, this is also much more common today in the general populace, mainly for a few specific reasons: children are being propagandized with pro-homosexual messages in entertainment and public school, and government interference mandates that public schools, adoptive parents, and in some places even churches and counselors, be positively affirming of homosexuality, or face punishment including jail time, fines, loss of license, and more.

As the scriptures state, we will be free when we know the truth. There are a lot of ways to approach this subject, but the first two are extremely telling:

Although macro-evolution is a lie, it proves interesting to view this subject from an evolutionary standpoint because if evolution is simply microorganisms mutating randomly forever, and only the "fittest" surviving, then homosexuality would necessarily have died off on its own "millions" of years ago due to its inability to reproduce others with its own genetic mutations.

From a religious standpoint, would an omniscient, omnipotent God create a woman, with a womb in which to grow human beings, and breasts with the sole purpose of feeding them – her body literally designed for this purpose – and then cause her to have homosexual affections that completely deny that design? Would he create a man, with genitalia specifically designed to create the first necessaries of human life – again, his body specifically designed for this purpose – only to have that man inject those beginnings of human life into another man's waste elimination facilities? These questions answer themselves.

Further Reading:

Why it's important:
As its name states, this lengthy article details a scripture-based approach to understanding homosexuality.

Why it's important:
This article details some of the many instances that most parents are not aware of, in which homosexuality was positively portrayed in programming aimed mostly at very young children. This is an end-run around parents, who do not watch these shows with their kids, and whose children are unlikely to tell them what they've seen. What this article does not address, but which our family has experienced firsthand, is homosexuality in unexpected places, such as the educational Reading Eggs program, and some popular language-learning apps, again designed to subvert parental guidance and involvement.

Why it's important:
Matthew Shephard's horrific murder was blamed on "homophobia" and was the sole reason used by Pres. Obama to justify "hate crimes" laws "protecting" homosexuals. The death was real, the reason was a lie, and it was used to further justify government encroachment into our daily lives and the protection and promotion of homosexuality.

Why it's important:
Prof. Abbott, an expert on behavioral genetics, wrote a highly relevant paper called, "The Role Of Free Agency In Sexual Identity Development", which is apparently no longer available on the internet. Contact us if you would like a copy.

What Conversion Therapy Counseling Bans Really Mean.
Juicy Ecumenism, Sept. 21, 2020.

Why it's important:
"Simply outlawing psychiatric efforts to change sexual orientation represents a grave threat to freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and to patients’ ability to seek the counseling they want. It also threatens parental rights to direct the education and socialization of their children. But the gravest threat is that “conversion therapy” will be legally defined as any expression of opposition to homosexuality or transgenderism. Thus even books, including the Bible, would be covered by the definition, as well as pastoral counseling, and the private discussions of parents with children."

Why it's important:
"This memorandum addresses the impact of various attempts to add “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” to Hate Crimes legislation." Please note: This is a PDF.

Review Of Research On Homosexual Parenting, Adoption, And Foster Parenting .
George A. Rekers, Ph.D., Professor of Neuropsychiatry & Behavioral Science, University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Columbia, South Carolina, 2004.

Why it's important:
"Most of this research review of empirical evidence applies to public policy regarding child custody decisions, adoption, and foster parenting of children, even though it was specifically prepared to defend the Arkansas regulation prohibiting the issuance of foster parent licenses to homes in which there is any adult involved in homosexual behavior." Please note: This is a PDF.

UFI Guide To Sexual Orientation.
United Families International, Sep. 2015.

Why it's important:
"Contrary to false information spread by homosexual activists through the media, we know that differing sexual orientations are not innate and immutable, but rather represent developmental disorders that often can be prevented or successfully treated." Please note: This is a PDF.

Why it's important:
Proof from the horses' mouths that gays are not "born that way," and that victims of homosexual molestation, like victims of many other forms of abuse, tend to perpetuate that abuse on others. The second video on the above page is missing, but you can watch it here on Vimeo: Gay Child Molesters Caught on Hidden Camera Explicit Content!. One of these videos ends with quotations from the following book: If You Seduce a Straight Person, Can You Make Them Gay?, by John Dececco, Ph.D. and John Patrick Elia, Apr. 22, 1993.

Historical Persecution?

We've all heard that the Nazis hated and persecuted homosexuals, but what do historical facts tell us? Rather than give this answer away, we prefer to let you find out for yourself! You won't believe what you learn!

Required Reading:

The Pink Swastika.
Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams, first published in 1995.

Why it's important:
If we believe lies about history, we will accept false conclusions about reality. This book sheds much-needed light on a carefully-crafted, but important, historical lie.

Is There A "Gay Agenda"?

This one has long been chalked up to "conspiracy theory," but is it? If the information and links provided above haven't convinced you already, is there any other evidence that certain individuals have been planning the promotion of homosexuality into mainstream society? We'll let them speak for themselves.

Required Reading:

Why it's important:

Why it's important:
The Acknowledgements page declares this a "gay manifesto for the 1990's". Chapter 2 contains a section called, "Bending the Twig: How the Mechanism of Prejudice Develops in the Child", which declares that parents are the problem, and uses the perverted work of discredited psychologist Alfred Kinsey, no less, as a source. The next sections discuss "a truly effective plan of action against antigay bigotry", including desensitization, "jamming" (intentional psychological manipulation), and conversion ("We mean conversion of the average American's emotions, mind, and will, through a planned psychological attack." –pg 153). Chapter 3 details "Good Propaganda". Chapter 4 discusses the use of mass media, advertising, etc. Chapter 5 discusses organizing and fundraising for this cause.

The Origin Of Conspiracy, There Are Save Two Churches Only.
D. Christian Markham, Nov. 5, 2012.

Why it's important:
This chapter discusses the prevalence of homosexuality in cultures where secret (Satanic) societies flourish. We recommend reading the entire book for the full context, and lots of important information.

Normal People?

The common consensus these days is that gays are just normal people with a different sexual preference. One fact that helps to set this straight is the fact that homosexuality was once listed as a mental disorder… until gays complained and protested and it was removed. Science! Well, if the videos about gay child molesters and books about psychological attacks on straight people didn't convince you something isn't right, here are some more resources that might:

Suggested Resources:

‘Nudity Is Illegal’ but Public Nudity Was Everywhere at Folsom Street Fair.
Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, Sept. 29, 2008.

Why it's important:
Normal people don't parade around naked, or perform sex acts in public. Or bring children to such an event. Please realize that this activity and behavior go where homosexuals gather. If your community has had "pride parades," you know that these events do not bring normal people out to just say, "Hey, we're normal people!" and shake your hand. Instead, they bring out public flaunting of sexual deviancy, public nudity, sadomasochism, foul language, and lewd and crude behaviors. WARNING: Although this is a Christian site, this page contains explicit photos taken at this event, with minor censoring. Not safe for work or children!

Finland Restricts ‘Gender Transition’ Procedures for Minors.
Americans for truth About Homosexuality, Sept. 8, 2021.

Why it's important:
Normal women don't cut off their breasts so they can pretend to be men, as the woman in this article's photo has done.

Once Gay, Always Gay?

No one ever leaves homosexuality, we are told. But do they?

Suggested Resources:

First Stone Ministries, accessed Oct. 1, 2021.

Why it's important:
Former homosexuals and transgenders share their testimonies about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ helped them choose heterosexuality.

Personal Stories.
Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX), accessed Oct. 1, 2021.

Why it's important:
Former homosexuals speak about their personal journeys of transformation.

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