Public schools, or government indoctrination centers, are sacred cows these days. You aren't allowed to criticize them, even though they have clearly been failing American children for at least half of a century. Why is this happening? How did it come about? Hasn't it all just been well-meaning people stumbling about trying to do their best?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. And not only is the answer no, but the no-est no you could ever no. Read on.

An Intentional Attack

In 1980, part of Ronald Reagan's platform that got him elected was his claim that he would abolish the Department of Education.[1] This never happened, but he did put on a show that included letting go of several people who worked in that department. Rather than leave the office empty, however, Charlotte Iserbyt was chosen to be an overseer in their absence. While she was there, Mrs. Iserbyt started to look though the documents that had been left behind, including the minutes of the meetings they had held. What she found was shocking, to say the least, and horrifying at best: this government agency was actively selling out American education, merging it with that of the Soviets, and deliberately dumbing down American children.

This book contains factual information and evidence going all the way back to the early 1900's, documenting all of the baby steps that led up to her day. Did these things end when she brought them to light? Well, you've never heard of this, so that's your first clue. The current state of public education should make the answer clear, as well. No, it did not stop; it got worse and worse. Read the book for yourself, and see.

Required Reading:

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America: A Chronological Paper Trail . Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, Sept. 1, 1999.

Why it's important:
"The author has meticulously documented facts, thus providing an airtight case that proves beyond any possible doubt that the global elites have been engaged in a social engineering war against the United States and humanity for most of the last century." – review . Please also see the other books, videos, and articles on her website .[2] An abridged version of this book, with critical discussion, will soon be available on


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An Ongoing Attack

A tragic failure of American education in this century has been a failure to teach children how to read and write and how to express themselves in a literary form. For the educational system this may not be too distressing. As we shall see later, their prime purpose is not to teach subject matter but to condition children to live as socially integrated citizen units in an organic society—a real life enactment of the Hegelian absolute State. In this State the individual finds freedom only in obedience to the State, consequently the function of education is to prepare the individual citizen unit for smooth entry into the organic whole.

- How The Order Controls Education, Antony C. Sutton, 1985. [1]

As mentioned previously, this has been a planned, intentional attack, a long time in the making. If you are paying attention, you will notice news stories about the garbage being taught and done in public schools, like Critical Race Theory , extremely perverted sex ed , social justice , twisted and confused "gender identity" , pedophilia , worship of false idols like "Martin Luther" King , Obama, and Harvey Milk , and so much more.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]

Why? Because they no longer exist to educate your children. Their primary objective is to create pleasure-obsessed subservient robots who would willingly die for the anti-Christ agenda of the New World Order.


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Further Reading:

Why it's important:
NOTE: This is a long article that is extremely important! Please take the time to read it!

"In short, for at least twenty-five years, Rockefeller money fueled the educational psychology of AFT [American Federation of Teachers] founding member, John Dewey, whose functionalist ed-psych shaped the progression of stimulus-response conditioning into programmed instruction through automated teaching machines, which have evolved into modern computerized ed-tech, such as the cognitive-behavioral adaptive-learning courseware that are endorsed by the AFT as it “reimagines” schooling for the Fourth Industrial Revolution…"

"…the Rockefeller Foundation is presently exploiting emergency COVID overhauls in order to launch its “Great Transition” campaign, which mirrors the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset… To put it all together, for over a hundred years, Rockefeller agendas have shaped the AFT’s capitulation to ed-psych and ed-tech driven by technology corporations, such as IBM, which data-mine students’ psychometrics in order to behaviorally condition the student body for workforce competence in the global economy of the emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution."

NEA World Order.
Unlimited Hangout, Sept. 27, 2021.

Why it's important:
"From the 1960s to the present, the USA’s largest teachers’ union has been collaborating with multinational ed-tech corporations and the global governance arms of UNESCO. This ongoing alignment may reveal ulterior motives behind the NEA’s efforts to lobby the US government to force reliance upon remote virtual learning." This is a follow-up to the article above.

Why it's important:
"Through Gates-funded corporate-government partnerships, such as the Gates Foundation’s joint venture with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Eric Schmidt, who is a “Technical Advisor” at Google’s Alphabet Inc., the Reimagine Education initiative is building a “surveillance capitalist” infrastructure of Big Data to facilitate the tracking of students’ cognitive-behavioral and socioemotional algorithms into “Social Credit” systems which will track the “trustworthiness” of students’ psychological profiles in order to dictate not only their access to “career pathways” curriculums that determine job placement, but also their access to healthcare, transportation, housing, due process, and even food…"

"In brief, the only thing missing from the USA’s Social Credit infrastructure is the legislative greenlight to digitally plug all educational, healthcare, and criminal justice data into Big Databases that aggregate all these psychometrics and biometrics into Social Scores, or Trust Scores, which technocratically micromanage every aspect of human behavior in real time for the purposes of centralized workforce planning and social engineering. "

We Were Warned

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have no excuse when it comes to public education. They were warned and forewarned by their leaders for decades to send their children to faithful teachers, and not people of the world, and that they should pay for their children's tuitions themselves. Why? They gave six reasons:[1]

  1. Taxes were not necessary… Brigham Young said to a group of parents, “Do not say you cannot school them, for you can. There is not a family in this community but we will take and school their children if they are not able to do it themselves.”
  2. Taxing took away the opportunity of freely giving and, consequently, its attendant blessings.
  3. Taxes create both waste and abuse.
  4. Those disbursing taxes often assume undue authority to enforce compliance to additional or unrelated regulations.
  5. Taxes foster indolence and recipients of public tax money frequently demonstrate dependency upon the state.
  6. Parents and local community members have greater interest in their children and in their educational situation than does the government. Somewhat intertwined with the fourth principle, it is known that the closer parents are to the education of their children, the more viable and important it becomes.

Special attention should be paid to the phrase in #6, about "the closer parents are to the education of their children." That is the key! Parents should be in full control of what is taught; after all, it is their children and their money! In today's public schools/government indoctrination centers, parents have no say whatsoever in what their children are taught, and their money is wasted on the frivolous and offensive programs discussed above.