You Can Flatten The Curve!

Rod Klingler Rod Klingler

Today, Gov. Chicken Little moved the state of Idaho back to Stage 2 of his four-stage plan related to "returning to normal" from coronavirus. He also called in the National Guard.

That part's interesting because, as of today, according to official stats, only 749 Idahoans have had their deaths attributed to coronavirus in the past 9 months, out of a population of over 1.8 million people.

That's all stupid and everything, as we've come to expect, but in this article we need to focus on something else the guv introduced:

“Our healthcare facilities will discontinue all but the most essential services…"


This, of course, is in response to "flattening the curve," the attempt to keep from overwhelming hospitals.

Since almost no one is dying, and only slightly more are "testing positive," we need to ask ourselves why the hospitals are being overrun.

There are three answers, and they are all related:

1. There has been ever-increasing testing for coronavirus.

If you've been following us for long, you know that the PCR test is not meant for medical diagnostics, it is easily manipulated to return desired numbers, and the majority of "positive results" are false. Why are so many people getting tested, then?

2. Fear porn in the movies, coming from politicians like our governor and the sensationalist mainstream media, and the full-steam compliance with ridiculous rules and mandates, which only serve to re-enforce to an unsuspecting public that this is a real pandemic, which it is not.

3. Finally, we have a culture that is hospital-obsessed.

Over 150 years ago, Brigham Young observed:

Would you want doctors? Yes, to set bones. We should want a good surgeon for that, or to cut off a limb. But do you want doctors? For not much of anything else, let me tell you, only the traditions of the people lead them to think so; and here is a growing evil in our midst.

It will be so in a little time that not a woman in all Israel will dare to have a baby unless she can have a doctor by her…

Now the cry is, "Send for a doctor." If you have a pain in the head, "Send for a doctor;" if your heel aches, "I want a doctor;" "my back aches, and I want a doctor."

 –Journal of Discourses, Volume 15, Number 15, Page 224.

Sadly, as he so prophetically pointed out, we now live in a society where most people run to a doctor for literally everything. These people will be lost without what they believe is their literal "lifeline."

So, as we all continue to march forward into this extreme state of non-emergency, we have an important message. Are you ready?


How do I know this? Personal experience.

Years ago, my wife and I started taking our health into our own hands. We became vegetarian, started avoiding GMOs (back when people didn't believe that was even a real thing!), stopped blindly allowing people to inject pharmaceuticals into our children, and started learning to use herbs for our illnesses.

We have even delivered most of our nine children at home, all by ourselves. The most recent one being born only four days ago, completely healthy and, of course, cuter than yours ;)

And guess what! We're still alive, after all these years.

Did you know you could even DO such things? We didn't.

We were raised just like most people – believing that going to the hospital was the only way, that no one could safely attend to their own sicknesses. But somewhere along the way, we began to realize that doctors are people, too, and that hospitals are just businesses that make business decisions affecting your life and well-being.

Think about that last one.

It is exactly what the governor decided for you today: THEY will decide who is important enough to get treatment, and possibly who will live or die! This isn't an extreme claim. It is already happening in other countries!

And it is unnecessary.

YOU can take care of yourself! And, unless you know someone who knows someone, you MUST now take care of yourself because the hospitals won't let you in.

What will you use? I don't know, but I will tell you what we have used successfully over the past decades: homeopathy, essential oils, herbs, and chiropractic care, among other things.

You will find that most of these things are inexpensive and easy to use, which is a threat to the existing medico-pharmaceutical paradigm. You have probably also been told that these things are "quackery." Who told you that? Probably a doctor. But what do I know? I'm just a guy who has used these things, and seen them work often enough to keep using them as my main method of staying healthy, like billions of other people throughout thousands of years. My ancestors did it. So did yours.

You will learn that many "modern medicines" are simply synthetic versions of things that can be found in nature. Why? So they can be patented and sold for profit.

What have we treated with these things? Just off the top of my head: migraines, head wounds, seasonal allergies, eczema, pink eye, colds, flu, sore throats (up to, and including, strep), staph infection (!), oral infection associated with cavities, and the attendant issues arising from childbirth, labor, and delivery.

This final point is important, so pay attention: We are normal people. We have many more children than the average family, yes, but we aren't geniuses or weirdos. We try to eat healthy, which stops many problems at the source, and we try to figure out how to do things before we turn to others for help. It's a little thing our forefathers once called self-reliance.

And you can do it, too.

Don't know where to get started? We will be publishing articles on this subject in the coming weeks, but for now, feel free to contact us, and we will try to point you in the right direction.