UN Goals Unveiled: Inclusive Cities and Communities–Leaving No One Behind

Rod Klingler Rod Klingler

While this Thematic Session is similar to one we discussed previously ("Building Inclusive Communities Through Education"), you'll notice that the first was focused on brainwashing youth through government indoctrination, while this one is specifically about ways to force so-called equality onto our communities. Because they are dealing with adults who are capable of critical thinking, they have to take a different approach. Unfortunately, this approach is still fairly successful.

This session's description is as follows:

"Sustainable Development Goal 11 strives to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. The reality is that livelihoods in cities and human settlements are being experienced in increasingly unequal ways, especially among women, female-headed households, youth, children, and other marginalized groups including: the poor; stigmatized ethnic groups; the LGBTQI community; the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Join us in this Thematic Session if you care for matters such as: Equality and social cohesion, Participatory planning and governance, Place-making, communities and families, Gender responsive urban and territorial development, Slums and Informality, Urban regeneration, gentrification and livelihoods, Affordable Housing and Homelessness, Land tenure security, Basic services, Mobility systems to empower livelihoods, Accessibility, Safety in green and public spaces."

Equality for All-ity
The theme of this session is reminiscent of George Bush's "No Child Left Behind," a program that many criticized as a "race to the bottom" because in order for everyone to pass, they were forced to lower the standards. Yay! No one is getting left behind anymore! Now we're all equally stupid!

As you peruse the list of "marginalized groups," you will likely notice that the only group missing from this list is heterosexual White males. As mentioned in our discussion of "Building Inclusive Communities Through Education," what makes this approach so successful is that they are able to convince people that they are somehow looked down upon by others (whether or not it is true), and that they ought to seek legal and societal revenge.

While some people do look down on others for various reasons including race, gender, and sexuality, these are "thought crimes," which is to say they are NON-crimes. If no action has been performed to violate another's life, liberty, or property, then there is nothing to punish. Sorry, honey, words don't qualify as actions.

Lilith Complex
As an example of how this plan works, let us look to feminism. Communists hate the family. They discussed early on how they would need to approach destroying America, the source of their greatest opposition, and decided that destroying the family would be a priority. They have approached this in various ways, including the promotion of everything other than monogamous heterosexuality, but one of the most effective has been to cause women to be disillusioned with their God-given roles in marriage and child-rearing. They began telling women that they were being treated as "second-class citizens," that they deserved more, that they were being excluded from the workforce and military, that male chivalry was actually condescension, and so on. This sort of preaching has promoted the increase we have seen in lesbianism, single-parent homes, divorce, child abandonment, and a host of other destructive practices. It has caused issues in the church with a violent denial of patriarchy, which is, we are told, the way things are run in Heaven. We are equal, but we have different roles to play so that everything can get accomplished.

This also has scriptural parallels, as we can see in the following verses:

And it came to pass that the Amalekites, because of their loss, were exceedingly angry. And when they saw that they could not seek revenge from the Nephites, they began to stir up the people in anger against their brethren, the people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi; therefore they began again to destroy them. (Alma 27:2)

Therefore it came to pass that king Laman began to stir up his people that they should contend with my people; therefore there began to be wars and contentions in the land. (Mosiah 9:13)

The most poignant is probably Alma 43:6-8, which says:

And now, as the Amalekites were of a more wicked and murderous disposition than the Lamanites were, in and of themselves, therefore, Zerahemnah appointed chief captains over the Lamanites, and they were all Amalekites and Zoramites.

Now this he did that he might preserve their hatred towards the Nephites, that he might bring them into subjection to the accomplishment of his designs.

For behold, his designs were to stir up the Lamanites to anger against the Nephites; this he did that he might usurp great power over them, and also that he might gain power over the Nephites by bringing them into bondage.

The Power Of Hate
Notice how Zarahemna started with those people who were filled with hatred, who were murderous and wicked, and used them to propagandize the rest of the people to stir them up to violence so that he could a) usurp power over his own people, and b) enslave his enemies.

By that same token, Communist leaders from time past have gone on the record saying that they hate love and love hate, and that they want to teach their children to hate so that they can have power over their enemies. Are things coming together? There is truly nothing new under the sun.

So this, literally, is all that this Thematic Session is about: making people feel "marginalized" and downtrodden, and convincing them that the UN loves them and will grant them power over those they perceive as their enemies. You can see this at work with the homosexual community. No Constitutional judge would ever force a person to bake a cake for anyone, period! Gay, straight, or just plan weird, it doesn't matter because we all have the God-given freedom of association. This UN movement is about, once again, removing our freedom and replacing it with government control.