The State ALWAYS Wants Your Children!

Rod Klingler Rod Klingler

The state of Washington recently put out a job posting, looking to hire people to supervise large groups of children while in government detention centers. Soon afterwards, Gov. Little decided to change several Idaho laws, many of which have to do with children in state custody, and parental rights.

Last Friday, a governmental body in Germany warned its citizens that their children would be removed from school and put in state custody if the parents refused to sign a daily COVID-19 health report.

According to LifeSiteNews:

The letter caused an uproar on social media. Many citizens felt reminded of the practice of forced adoptions during the dictatorship of former East Germany, of which Saxony was a part. Parents considered enemies of the state had their children taken into custody by the government and given up for adoption.

So, here was an even earlier case of children being taken by the state. Prior to that, Adolf Hitler "recruited" children into his "Hitler Youth" brigade, and taught the children in public school to hate religion and turn their parents in for legal violations.

Couple this with ongoing legal battles against CPS (Child Protective Services) or DFCW (Dept. of Family and Child Welfare), and we must ask ourselves one question:

Why do tyrannical states always go after the children?