Big Tech Memory-Holing Private Data!

Rod Klingler Rod Klingler

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A memory hole is any mechanism for the deliberate alteration or disappearance of inconvenient or embarrassing documents –Wikipedia

In George Orwell's 1984, the totalitarian government controls the flow–indeed, the very existence–of information via something called memory holes, which are tubes connected to furnaces, where paper texts are incinerated. In real life, memory holes take many forms. Always, however, memory-holing is an attempt to remove data from the public eye, and always with deference to official government narratives.

YouTube deletes videos frequently, often claiming copyright infringement or breach of "community guidelines", and simply de-platforms people whose message they disagree with. YouTube is owned by Google, so it is unsurprising, then, to find that they are memory-holing other data, in other ways. The real shock to some is that they have now violated the "fourth wall", and are now deleting private data, as reported by LifeSiteNews:

“Google took down the [Google] Drive file featuring the movie [Plandemic] after the company was contacted by The Post,” according to the paper. “Health or medical content that promotes or encourages engaging in practices that may lead to serious physical or emotional harm in individuals or to a serious public health harm is prohibited on Google Docs and Drive, according to the company’s content policies.”

When you break this paragraph down, this is what you get:

  1. Random citizen stores Plandemic video on their private Google Drive account.
  2. Google somehow knows it is there.
  3. Google accesses private account and deletes video without notifying the account owner.

The article further points out that "Google has intervened in the use of its productivity tools before, having previously blocked a Google Doc about a disputed study on the drug hydroxychloroquine".

The article states that Google was "contacted by The Post", and this was how they found out about it, but they could easily have discovered it in other ways. How? There are actually a few ways, but one stands out like the sorest of thumbs: this 2014 article from technical website EasyDNS, called Google’s Gmail scans, parses, analyzes and catalogs your email, explains the problem in detail. For our purposes, the title is sufficient: they "scan, parse, analyze, and catalog your email". But that's just email, right?

Web expert, author, and Harvard grad, Michael Hartl, coined the phrase "technical sophistication" as a fancy way of saying one is able to figure things out, to put two and two together. Let's apply our technical sophistication to this issue and see what we come up with.

Google is in the information business. Data. According to SearchEngineLand, Google’s search knows about over 130 trillion pages. Or did back in 2016. How? They index them, parse them, and categorize the data they contain.

We know they scan your emails, and we know they scan webpages, but… your files?

Google spokeswoman Alex Krasnof refused to tell the Post whether Google scans Drive files for objectionable content, stating only that the company “doesn’t go into details” about how its policies are enforced.

If you can't see through this, I have a fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine I'd like to sell you.

So they deleted a video that many claim was filled with falsehoods. Why should I be concerned? *

Well, for starters, there's the fact that they own your Android phone, and have access to all of its contents, including your calls and text messages. Then there's the fact that they were caught on tape admitting that they censor conservative messages. They know who you talk to, and what you talk about. And they are actively choosing sides in important matters.

But I have an iPhone, and I use Bing, so I don't have to worry!**

Nonsense, Apple tracks your location, is notoriously Leftist and pro-homosexual, has access to your files in their iCloud service, and recently began assigning every user of their devices a "trust score" (not just iPhones, but desktops, as well), just like the notorious Black Mirror episode. Except no one knows how they calculate it, or what it is actually being used for, and you can't opt out (it's part of the Terms and Conditions you must agree to in order to install or update the operating system).

Oh, and Google and Apple both know every website you visit, because they collectively own 83% of the global market for browser use. How convenient!

Present circumstance have only emboldened these criminals, and it is only a matter of time before they put all of these pieces together to either:
  1. Delete your private files off of your computer, or
  2. Deny you internet or computer access because of what you use their devices and services for.

Just a heads up. It's coming.

* Because Google was created by the CIA in their ongoing efforts to gain Total Information Awareness, and people think they are just a business started by a couple of Joe Schmoes, when they are actually a government data-mining operation.

** We don't go into detail about Microsoft (owner of the Bing search engine) in this article, but it's not because they aren't evil.