A "Data-Driven Approach"… But Who's Driving The Data?

Rod Klingler Rod Klingler

"MORE TESTS, MORE TESTS, MORE TESTS! TESTS FOR EVERYONE!" Governor Little virtually screamed, as he unveiled his recent strategy that "lays out five priority groups for testing". An act that aims to increase current COVID-19 testing in Idaho nearly ten times its current rate.

“We have an impressive team of very capable local clinical and laboratory and research experts from across the state helping us navigate this crisis, and I sincerely appreciate their help,” the governor said, according to a recent Idaho Press article.

But don't worry, we Idahoans won't have to pay all of the associated costs. We'll be getting $55 million in imaginary dollars the Federal Reserve conjured up and tacked onto the nation's enormous deficit, with interest. That's okay, though, because it's debt your kids will have to pay, not you.

With somewhere around a 0.029% rate of cases per capita shortly after the lockdown was mandated, as reported by the Idaho Statesman website, and the fact that this number hasn't changed substantially ever since, we have to wonder what universe the governor lives in when he refers to this as a "crisis".

But don't worry, the governor is taking a "data-driven approach" to this "pandemic," according to the official Idaho Rebounds website. That makes it sound like our leaders are weighing scientific facts and on-the-ground realities to justify their egregious violations of our civil liberties. But are they? And, if so, just what is this data, and where is it coming from?

Most of us were taught in government indoctrination centers (ie, public schools) that we should pick our sources of information carefully, and then we were given a short list of "reliable" sources, including the daily news, because presumably they only provide verifiable facts. The video above demonstrates just one instance where multiple newscasters, from multiple well-known news agencies including CBS, FOX, and ABC, simply parrot a script that has been provided to them, complete with fill-in-the-blanks for the names of their local communities. (Please watch the video now, if you haven't already.)

This sometimes takes the form of catch-phrases, as well, such as "data-driven approach," carefully-chosen for its allusion to, and illusion of, being fact-led. Here, for example, is a screenshot from a recent email from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma:

choctaw-screenshot.jpg 15.8 KB

Sound familiar? A quick internet search reveals that identical phraseology is being used by governors and others across the country. This raises eyebrows, but is, of course, not definitive proof of anything. For now, we'll take it as evidence of possible collusion.

Part of the problem, as we questioned earlier, is just what this "data" is that is driving the governor's approach. Since this all began with UN data, they seem like logical suspects. Is there a connection? Indeed, there is.

ICLEI is "a global network of more than 1,750 local and regional governments committed to sustainable urban development." They take, as their sole influence, United Nations goals and guidelines. Constitutional? Not on your life. Treason? Absolutely, if Americans were to participate. Are they? Well, the official site for the United States used to publish a list of who their members were. They removed this list on July 3, 2017, after a public backlash when citizens discovered that their community leaders were leading them down the path to socialism and global governance. Today, they list only the communities. This list includes Boise and Moscow.

Since it is obvious that the "pandemic" is false (see the many links and videos here), why keep up false pretenses?

The answer to that question becomes obvious when you look at what it is being used to justify: increased surveillance (including drones, robotic dogs *, snitching on neighbors, and cellphone tracking), mandatory vaccination (also here), the shutdown of churches, fewer people driving their automobiles, and more. Oh, and let's not forget the opportunity to implement a long-lusted-after biometric database, which has already been implemented in other countries, like India, made drastically easier with a simple cotton swab up the nose.

That mandatory vaccination article is super important! Go back and read it!

That list just happens to also outline some of the things the United Nations have been attempting to put in place globally. Their stated intention, in fact, was to have had these goals in place by the year 2000, which obviously didn't happen. A new boogeyman was needed, one that would allow their minions an excuse to bypass the objections of those they were elected to represent.

They found it.

Zak Doffman, cybersecurity contributor for Forbes, put it this way:

As I reported last week, as the tracking landscape in Europe and the U.S. began to change: “Everything about coronavirus is unprecedented. Our leaders talk about “the invisible enemy” and being on a war footing. The technology at their disposal will create a huge conflict within each of us. We want our governments to do all they can, but at some point we will make privacy compromises as never before.”

We know this smacks of "conspiracy theory," but they said they would do these things, and now they are doing them. This is no longer a theory.

It is reality.

* "But those robotic dogs are in Singapore, not America!" you might argue. True, but you paid for them. They were created by Boston Dynamics, which is funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which belongs to the Department of Defense, which gets its funds from your taxes. Seem a little odd?