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"I Blame Society" - The Accountability Principle

Defending Idaho | Oct 05, 2019

1. The state of being liable to answer for one's conduct; liability to give account, and to receive reward or punishment for actions. (Webster's 1828 Dictionary)

We live in a world that denies accountability at every turn. If you're Black, they say Whites are the cause of your problems...

UN Goals Unveiled: Local and Regional Governments Leading the Way to Sustainable Communities

Defending Idaho | Aug 24, 2019
Today, we will learn about how the UN has been involved in "Local and Regional Governments Leading the Way to Sustainable Communities". Once again, the carefully-chosen words make you feel all warm and tingly inside, but the truth will set you free from the touchy-feelies.

As usual, let's kick this off...

UN Goals Unveiled: Inclusive Cities and Communities–Leaving No One Behind

Defending Idaho | Aug 22, 2019
While this Thematic Session is similar to one we discussed previously ("Building Inclusive Communities Through Education"), you'll notice that the first was focused on brainwashing youth through government indoctrination, while this one is specifically about ways to force so-called equality onto our communities. Because they are dealing with adults who...

UN Goals Unveiled: Peaceful Societies–Recovering from Conflict and Nurturing Peace

Defending Idaho | Aug 21, 2019
Do people notice hypocrisy any more? When, for instance, millionaire Bernie Sanders trots around the world in his private jet pimping Socialism and chastising the rest of us for causing climate change… does anyone bat an eye? Ditto for Al Gore and many others. What's missing is critical thinking, a...

UN Goals Unveiled: Climate Change–Cities and Communities in Action

Defending Idaho | Aug 20, 2019
Today we will analyze the upcoming UN Conference's "Thematic Session," entitled "Climate Change–Cities and Communities in Action". While this topic can raise some "heated" debate, if you'll pardon the expression, it is apparent that this issue is more emotional than factual, like most UN-driven issues.

Let's examine the official description of...

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